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Ingredients to be Proud Of 

Harvey & Brockless

Harvey & Brockless' first great passion was cheese and that's why we trust them to supply the ingredients for our delicious cheese board. The dairy, based at Broomhall Farm in Worcester, provide us with an amazing range of specialty cheeses and the largest selection of British Farmhouse cheeses in the UK, plus award winning goats cheese. 

A few of our favourites:

Oxford ISIS - Washed in honey mead and matured for a month, this cheese is full flavoured and pungent with a spicy tang. One of the cheeses from Baron Robert Pouget's collection, Oxford Isis was first produced in 2003 especially to supply Oxford Colleges and restaurants in Oxford City. It was developed with the express intention of competing with French rind washed cheeses such as Epoisses and Soumaintrain.

Lancashire Bomb - Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh near Preston, the Lancashire Bomb Cheese is a true regional classic. Matured for 24 months it has a wonderfully creamy texture and strong mature flavour. It is wrapped in muslin and dipped into wax creating a distinctive cheese like no other. The Shorrock family have been producing this cheese since 1923 and Andrew has been making the bomb since the mid 80's when a friend moved to America and begged him to send some cheese.

Ragstone Goats - Charlie Westhead makes a range of cheeses at his dairy in Herefordshire. Ragstone was one of Charlie’s early creations, made at a dairy in Sevenoaks, where he was originally based. Charlie named the cheese after Ragstone Ridge, which ran close by. This goats cheese is made with a twist on the traditional French Sainte Maure, by adding in a white mould. The curd is set overnight, before being hand-ladled into log-shaped moulds. After two to three weeks, the cheese has developed its coat, a creamy texture and a lemony flavour. Recently, Charlie has adapted the recipe to produce an even smoother, creamier cheese, that is less acidic and more complex.

Johnson & Swarbrick, Lancashire

Swainson house farm is situated at the edge of the Ribble Valley in the picturesque village of Goosnargh. A family owned and operated business with a motto that we completely agree with, ‘a happy bird is a tasty bird’. Their famous corn-fed Goosnargh chicken and duck is supplied to the finest chefs around the country and feature on our A La Carte menu.